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Securing places at England's top super-selective schools 

Securing places at England's top 
super-selective schools 

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"I like the idea the pack is addressed personally to my son, so he has ownership. The material is well structured, we can look at the tutorials again and again and it can be tailored to our specific needs.
The 3 teachers online make the work interesting & I can see they are passionate"

Tracy - West Midlands

" I have just gone through your feedback with my daughter. She absolutely loved it! She was grinning like a Cheshire cat by the end and said you were like a good book, and drew her in. English is her weakest subject as things stand at the moment, but she reckons with you on her side that can change.

Frances - Surrey

“She loved it!! She hated verbal reasoning up until today. She enjoyed the session and was keen to solve the problems herself. 
Total winner!

Georgiana - Surrey

What we do 

What we do 

What you get with us

A carefully designed month-by-month programme. Our full 11+ Master Programme includes:
🎓 Full study pack delivered to your door every month of 12 x papers covering all four 11+ subjects - English, Maths, VR and NVR.
  • 4x Assessment papers, 1 for each subject created by our expert 11+ exam writers
  • ​​Assessment papers are fully marked each month with detailed feedback
  • ​4 x English tutorial papers
  • ​2 x Maths tutorial papers
  • ​1 x Verbal Reasoning tutorial paper
  • ​1 x Non-Verbal Reasoning tutorial paper 
🎓 Full Access to our on-demand online tutorial platform, with over 8 hours of new tutorial videos every month to guide you through each paper in your pack. 

🎓 2 x scheduled, invigilated mock exams with full marking and report

🎓 Interview practice and preparation conducted over four-weeks, where our admissions experts will guide you through everything you need to know

🎓 Full Access to ALL past 11+ exam papers ever published online with full mark schemes available.

Your Monthly Study Pack

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Academic foundations

A structured monthly programme of video tutorials created by 11+ experts, who write entrance exams for super-selective schools.


Confidence building

Monthly assessment, marking and constant feedback to totally assure you that you're on track to success. 


Exam Preparedness

All teaching papers in the style of exams. Comprehensive exam practice including mocks. 

Exam Insider A.C.E. Programme for Year 5 Students

Exam Insider's Master Programme for Year 5 Students


cademic foundations





A structured monthly programme of video tutorials created by 11+ experts, who write entrance exams for super-selective schools.
Monthly assessment, marking and constant feedback to totally assure you that you're on track to success. 
All teaching papers in the style of exams. Comprehensive exam practice including mocks. 

Your 7-Step 11+ A.C.E. Solution in detail

Learn about our tutorial videos

Research shows viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text

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BONUS Resources & Benefits

Your Exam Insider subscription not only gives you total access to the complete Exam Insider A.C.E. Solution, you also get all these BONUS resources included free. 
Topic-Specific Learning Resources: Access to material from our extensive library of topic-specific lesson material, practice papers and mock exams. You also have access to material on everything from interview technique to coping with exam stress and anxiety. 
Access to Exclusive Private Tutors: We have unique access to highly-sought-after private tutors, in case you need that extra focused 1-2-1 attention on a problem area

Is this you?

  • I’m confused. Do I tutor, or just buy the standard 11+ resources and past papers?
  • I have no idea whether my child can make it into the schools we’re aspiring to
  • ​The information and options are completely overwhelming, where do I start?
  • ​I just want three things:
  • Someone to tell me exactly what my child needs to study
  • ​To deliver that to me - everything I need, in one place
  • ​To speak with a real person whenever I want to ask questions and discuss how my child is doing

We understand 11+ is complicated and overwhelming.  
Our 11+ experts have carefully crafted an exceptional programme that guarantees success.

See what more of our clients say...

"Amadeus is just amazing. He's not only genius in his subject knowledge, he is amazing in the way he teaches - so succinctly and patiently until Winston perfectly understood every detail. He is a gifted teaching saint ! We credit you to his success in obtaining his first choice school  - St Pauls Boys.

St Paul's Boys

"Russell is by far the best tutor we have ever had. He understands the way my daughter approaches maths, has helped her understand her course and has instilled confidence in her (as well as us). I am so grateful for the privilege of your time. I understand why your waitlist is so long! "

Latymer Upper

"Through Aaron’s tutoring, we saw a remarkable improvement in our son’s abilities, which resulted in us securing a place in a top London school, where he continues to excel, thanks to the strong academic foundation Aaron helped build."

Watford Grammar

"Silvana has been amazing at helping me inspire my son to read more challenging material - his vocabulary and comprehension has blossomed. Her knowledge of how 11+ works is incredible.  She is definitely someone who has walked the talk!"

Kensington Prep


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11+ Master Programme

  • 10 hrs of new tutorial videos each month across English, Maths, VR & NVR
  • ​Initial assessment - English, Maths, VR & NVR with full feedback
  • Monthly assessment papers x 4
    1 each for English, Maths, VR & NVR 
    Fully marked with detailed feedback
  • Monthly study packs of papers x 12 
    Covering English, Maths, VR & NVR

11+ English & VR Master

  • 6 hrs of new tutorial videos each month across English and Verbal Reasoning
  • ​Initial assessment - English and VR with full feedback
  • Monthly assessment papers x 2
    1 each for English and VR. Fully marked with detailed feedback
  • Monthly study packs of papers x 8 
    Covering English (5) and VR (2) 

11+ Maths & NVR Master

  • 4 hrs of new tutorial videos each month across Maths and Non-verbal Reasoning
  • ​Initial assessment - Maths and NVR with full feedback
  • Monthly assessment papers x 2
    1 each for Maths and NVR. Fully marked with detailed feedback
  • Monthly study packs of papers x 5 
    Covering Maths (3) and NVR (2) 

No minimum term, cancel any time. ZERO RISK

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All the advice, learning, practice, resources, assessment and feedback you need to conquer 11+
All in one place,  delivered online and in person, by experts with big ambitions for your child!

Full Teacher Bios

Top Central London Independent School

Russell Pointin
Maths 11+ Examiner

Russell is a Teacher of Mathematics at one of the UK's most sought-after independent school in central London. He previously taught at University College School in Hampstead and the London Oratory School in Fulham.

Russell is also a highly experienced and successful maths tutor, having helped dozens of students gain places at many of the country's top schools - such as Westminster, St Paul's, Highgate, UCS, Francis Holland (Sloane Square) and Henrietta Barnet to name a few.

Russell believes strongly in helping students to understand and enjoy mathematics in order to achieve their potential. He uses carefully worded explanations to foster understanding, rather than rote learning, and makes maths engaging and enjoyable, so his  students gain confidence and perform at their best!

Teaching for understanding, always!

British School of Geneva

Aaron Bradley
Head of English 

Aaron completed his primary degree in Economics followed by a PGCE at Brunel University. He is a highly experienced educator who specialises in helping children gain entrance to selective UK schools. 

Aaron has worked as a teacher both in London and internationally; he is currently Head of English at the prestigious British School of Geneva.

With over a decade of experience as a tutor, Aaron has successfully guided scores of children to admission places at London's most prestigious schools, including Kings Wimbledon and St Paul's Girls.

Don't decide that you can't before you discover that you can!'

University of Cambridge
Graduate in Medicine

Amadeus Carnegie
11+ VR and NVR Expert 

Amadeus trained as a Doctor at Cambridge University and holds an MA (Hons) in Zoology, but his passion for teaching led him to education.

He has over 3000 hours tutoring experience and has taught Maths in Kenya and Uganda.

Amadeus's No. 1 learning ethos is about 'Efficiency', he's made a specialty of helping students to study effectively and make the most of their time. 

His experience with dyslexia means he understands that different students struggle in different areas and he prides himself in noticing when a student doesn't fully understand and explaining ideas from different angles until they do.

Mistakes are just proof you're learning!  

Meet Our Founder

Exam Insider Founder
Silvana Cory-Wright

How my 11+ journey inspired Exam Insider. 
Throughout my children's primary school years I lived overseas, yet I managed to secure places for them at 8+ and 11+ at London's two most sought-after super-selective schools. 

I was then immediately swamped with enquiries about how I'd done it! 

Truth is, as a full-time working mum of three,  I simply had no choice but to make my kids self-reliant in their preparation. 

So I started curating and planning their resources and study timetable late at night, often falling asleep under piles of marking and more planning. I created a structure that allowed them to get on with the learning part and I did the rest such as marking and then adjusting the resources to plug any gaps and weaknesses. 

Preparing them was not easy, but I learned a lot! I also got lots of encouragement from other working mum's who asked me to share my 11+ system, hence Exam Insider was born!

I then had the opportunity to meet some excellent teachers who were equally passionate about de-stressing 11+ and especially encouraging children to take more ownership of their studies. 

At Exam Insider, we wholeheartedly believe that when you encourage children to be accountable for their actions, you teach them to appreciate the value of their hard work. This is a life long skill that will serve them well and create success in every aspect of their life, not just 11+.

Silvana Cory-Wright MBA - Founder

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1.  I'm trying to get my child into a top grammar school. Is your programme geared more towards Independent and Boarding Schools entrance or grammar schools as well? 
BOTH. Our programme is designed to cover all the fundamentals you will need for all school entrance exams. But we also tailor your lessons and exam practise papers specifically for your aspirational school and its respective exam board. 

2.  I've seen other 11+ subscription courses for a smaller monthly fee. Why are you good value for money? 
There is no service out there like us! Not with the quality of our teachers and certainly not with the kind of experience they have in writing 11+ entrance papers for top schools such as St Paul's Girls. They know exactly what your child needs to know to get through! 

Most of the fees go towards paying for the expertise of our reputable teachers who have spent hours meticulously curating all the material in your printed packs and producing our signature tutorial videos. The membership cost of £187/mth equates to just over one and a half hours of our tutors' time. However, we give you:
  • Tutorial Videos: More than 8 hours of access-anytime tutorial video lessons each month
  • ​Printed Study Material: full pack of printed study material to accompany the videos, mailed personally to your child each month
  • Assessment Papers: four assessment papers also included in your pack each month - one each for English, Maths, VR and NVR
  • Marking Service: your assessment papers marked by our experts and feedback given
  • Extra Resources: access to resources from our huge library, to plug any gaps
  • Live Zoom call: a scheduled group Zoom call with our teachers every month for your child 
  • Parent Consultation: a one-to-one consultation for parents every month for feedback and to ask questions
All at no extra cost!

We are certainly the ONLY service sending packs addressed to your child - putting them in the driving seat and making them feel like it's their journey and NOT the parent's. Just log them onto our dashboard when signed up and leave them to it. 

As part of the membership, you and your child will have monthly live Zoom calls with the teachers - this keeps the child accountable and motivated. Our success is driven by their success so we will do everything in our power to ensure they stay on track! 

We are also a highly personalised service and want to speak with you. We schedule a time to speak with you about your child's progress every month. We want to be very committed to you. 

We will soon be setting up our own FB Group for Exam Insider members only. This will allow all our customers an opportunity to share their experience and exchange ideas or simply feel supported. Our aim is to remove as much angst and stress as possible from parents. We are always there for you!
3.  Why is a structured programme better than just creating my own plan using the tonnes of already available resources? 
Our programme is designed by experienced 11+ exam writers and exceptional teachers from aspirational schools who know exactly what capabilities are expected for any 11+ entrance exam. Our teachers have between them over 30 years experience preparing children for 11+ exams, so they know what it takes to be successful. 

Our programme is tailored to give every student that extended level of learning and preparation they will not be receiving at their current schools - including independent schools. They tend to leave true exam practice and preparation for the very end of the year. Although some children will cope easily with this pressure, many don’t. Our tailored year long programme is intentionally designed to take the pressure off and allow children to own their own 11+ journey by putting them in the driver's seat in this experience. 

How do we achieve this?
1. By addressing our pack of study materials we send every month personally to the child

2. By writing a welcome letter also addressed personally to the child. This makes them feel grown up and in charge of the pack they receive and the 11+ journey they have in front of them. There is no reason parents need to be involved - other than to encourage and support and use our progress reports and feedback as an opportunity to further support, fill any gaps and ask questions. 

3. By sending the child a monthly calendar with suggestions on how they should plan their month's learning.
Our programme has the child in mind first. 
4.  When is the ideal time to start with Exam Insider? What if I only have 6 months left to the exams? Does the Exam Insider programme still work for shorter timeframes?
Our year long programme was designed to provide 6 months of core concept teaching and then move into the specific exam practise while at the same time embedding that knowledge every time in every paper. We focus on building your exam technique muscles all the time and especially in the last 6 months.

We have accelerator programmes that condense what we have already covered so you don't miss anything regardless of when you start. 

If you join us at the start of year 6 though, we will focus on exam technique and paper practise  predominantly by then and assume you already have all the concepts embedded. However, if there are any gaps in knowledge/ weaker areas, we can help support you especially for that area too. With 3-4 months to exams - you should ideally have all your 11+ knowledge and concepts embedded and the focus should be on exam paper practise. Our Expert and experienced 11+ exam writers know exactly what you need to know and have curated an exceptional suite of practise papers so you are in perfect hands all the way.
5.  Why is exam insider better than using a tutor?  Or doing it myself without the cost, using free resources? 
Tutors by their own admission don't plan a programme for a child for the whole year. They are normally recruited by parents to either plug a child's perceived gaps or simply as a safety net for 11+ to remove the headaches and parents' inability to navigate the overwhelming 11+ pathway - especially when the choice of resources and options is so vast. 

How can you tell the difference between a good and bad tutor? By 'bad' I don't mean to be disrespectful to any tutors - but personal experience tells me they are not always prepared, professional and genuinely add value. It can sometimes appear like a babysitting service where a child has no choice but to do some work. But how much can you get done in an hour of tutoring? A handful of maths questions.

At the bottom end, there are tutors you can find for £20/hour and minimum in London is £50/hour for a tutor with any credibility. However, reality is you get what you pay for and highly reputable tutors working with students aiming at tops schools like Westminster, St Pauls, Kings College School Wimbledon, or NLC top grammars like HBS, QE and Tiffins can easily command upwards of £100+/hr. 

Our own Exam Insider teachers can be found on tutorfair for £100/hr. They are all fully booked with a very long waitlist!  Exam Insider was formed because these teachers had a desire to share their knowledge and skills with a wider audience of parents who may not be able to afford their £100/hr tutor service. So collectively they have created a programme delivering a minimum of 12 hours of exceptional video tutorials just for you (it would normally cost in excess of £1200/month for this amount of their time )......but they are only charging £187/month for 12 hours+ of their tutoring time. 

Thats 8 hours of pure tutorial lessons and 4 hours of assessments and marking your papers every month. All papers are sent to your home so you have no need to check emails, print and try work anything out. We do it all for you!

Lastly, our teachers are still teaching everyday at top schools such as St Paul's Girls. Aaron, the Head of English is part of the Senior Management Team at a top International School. So they are always up to date with the latest changes in curriculum, changes in possible exam formats etc. More importantly this shows they are first and foremost teachers passionate about teaching in the classroom. Many tutors have no immediate or recent classroom experience.
6.  If I join in the middle of month, do I still get the full month's worth of material? And when do I get the 2nd month's? 
Yes, if you join any time right up until the last day of the month, we will send you the full Month 1 Tutorials pack and you'll immediately have access to all the Month 1 Tutorial videos. 

When you get the 2nd month's material depends on how far through the month you join. Join in the first half of the month and we'll send your 2nd month's material on the 1st day of the next month. Join in the second half of the month and we'll send your 2nd month's material on the 1st day of the month after that, as you'll need more than 2 weeks to properly get through your month 1 pack.

Here's an example:
  • Join from 1-15 January: we send your 1st month's material right away and your 2nd month's material on 1st February.
  • ​Join from 16-31 January: we still send your 1st month's material right away but we'll send your 2nd month's material on 1st March. so you have enough time to get through the very important material you get in the first month.
Each subsequent month's packs will be posted on the 1st working day of every month.
1.  What age group does your programme cater for?
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4.  I' ? 
Parents say that they don't have time to manage their child's study material, to mark it, or to work out what programme of study to follow. They want a fully guided solution.
5.  Will you cover CEM, GL and different independent exam board formats? 
You need to understand the concepts and principles of each subject, not just wrote learn and to practice papers

8.  I' ? 
We have the advantage of being fully methodised so you don’t have to worry about what to buy, when to buy it and in what order to complete everything in.


Here's the first blog post from one of our Exam Insider mums, who's wants to share her 11+ journey with us, and you!

23rd November

You give me 45 minutes of reading and I'll allow you 30 minutes of PS4 time.”
“I’ll read for 30 minutes but i get an hour to play.”
“How about 30 minutes of reading for 45 minutes?”
“Fine! But you know, all my friends get to play for as long as they like!”

I clearly have absolutely no clue whatsoever about the Art of Negotiation, as my ten year old son has, once again, stricken the best deal for himself. I, on the other hand, have easily given in because 30 minutes of reading is better than nothing. 

These Wall Street style deals are a daily occurrence in our household. I'm perfectly aware that this may be perceived as bribery. What kind of parent has to resort to bribery in order to get their child to read? The desperate kind. The kind of parent who is utterly frustrated because they have a child with bags of potential. A child who has one year left before his 11+ exams and who has zero interest in getting his English up to scratch.

Tim (let's just call him Tim because it's short and sweet), has a very logical brain. He's sharp, sporty and good with numbers. He hates art, music, drama and reading. Basically, anything creative. He does well in all his subjects but his refusal to read means that his English could do with a really good polish. He complains about every single book. It won't take him more than a couple of pages before he decides that the book is "boring". In fact, we are lucky if he gets through the first couple of pages because he literally judges the book by its cover. 

I'm told it's a boy thing. Is it really though? I know so many boys who love to read. Perhaps the 'boy thing' is a term that desperate mothers like me came up with to make themselves feel better, like they are part of a community of other equally desperate mothers. Strength in numbers and all that. 

  Tim's sister is the opposite. She loves all things creative and always has a book in her hand. As a result, English has always been a breeze for her. She writes beautifully, with no intervention from me when she was younger. She just got on with it. She aced her exams and secured places at her top 2 senior schools.

Tim's reluctance to read is reflected in his English comprehension and creative writing. He doesn't read well between the lines, therefore unable to really understand those subtle nuances in the text. His punctuation is appalling. He is able to write an entire creative writing piece without a single comma in sight.

So here we are, a year before those dreaded exams. I admit, I am very concerned. I have no doubt Tim will blitz his maths but operation Gordon Gekko (hats off to Michael Douglas in Wall Street. I needed a cool name.) will have to start ASAP in order for him to reach his 11+ goals.

Step one of operation Gordon Gekko was to sign up to Exam Insider. Tim has completed his Initial Assessments and sent them to the Exam Insider Tutors. Low and behold, his English Assessment paper was a true eye opener. I am already aware of his weaknesses but to see them written down so clearly was a lightbulb moment for both Tim and I. Aaron's detailed feedback gave me a clear plan of action. He gave me hope that we can work together to bring him to that level he needs to get into his top and (very) competitive choice senior school. I must note that I would also be happy with his second choice, but I will give him an inspirational school to work towards.

Tim has to take some ownership of his work at this stage. He now knows that he will have to put in the work to improve his English. He will find some time each week to work on his own, armed with his booklets and tutor videos. The beauty is that i don't have to sit with him. It is designed for the child to work independently. No nagging mum sitting next to him, stressing him out.

On my part, I have decided to sit with Tim every night in bed and read together, discussing the story as we go along, paying particular attention to punctuation, vocabulary used and making sure he is understanding the nuances in the text. This could be a good mother-son bonding time whilst also being proactive. I'm hoping he will learn to love reading. I know that reading for pleasure, along with Aaron's gentle nudge in the right direction, will ensure Tim's 11+ success. Fingers crossed.

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